Amazing Gifts By Musicians, For Musicians

Musiclef was founded in 2022 by Jun Lang Chen, a pianist who plays classical pieces and is fascinated by the world of music. On one occasion, when he was searching for a gift for his musician friend, he realized how difficult it was to find something suitable. After conducting a survey, he realized more people were experiencing the same problem.

For this reason, Jun Lang has made it his mission to help other people find more unique gifts for their musician friends. With his knowledge from business school, he decided to establish this young and ambitious company to be the place for music inspired gifts.

The name Musiclef was created as a combination of Music and Clef, because a clef allows musician to play and understand the beautiful meaning of music.

At Musiclef, we are also trying to make a difference, by releasing new collections with products entirely made of cotton. Customers are now not only able to make a stylish, but also an eco-friendly choice. Before we knew it, Musiclef began to grow and now sells to 17 different countries. We will continuously expand our collection and help you find the perfect gifts, or just something nice for yourself.